The Global Perspective- My Thoughts

The media portrays many different groups of people in different ways. This influences the way society sees that group and possibly even how we act towards them. The best way to prevent stereotypes from being used against a group of people is to find out what children already know about these stereotypes as a result of the media. Once you have pinpointed the issues, you can then confront them and help them to understand that some of the messages are false or misleading.

In the first video, children were asked what they knew about the middle east. A lot of them had no idea or false representations of it. When they were told to analyze the movie “Aladdin,” they were able to gain a better understanding of how the media portrays people. I think it is important to educate children about these matters while they are at a young age so they are not misinformed about different groups of people and so that they can ask the proper questions to gain appropriate knowledge about these groups. Children need to be able to view the world in their own way and not be told what to believe because others have their own, possibly personal views towards a certain group.

In class we were asked to describe what Metaliteracy is by using only pictures. Everyone seemed to have a picture of books or people who looked like they were thinking. This shows how narrow our thinking can be. Metaliteracy is more than just thinking about how you think but also how you can expand your knowledge to better yourself as well as others.


Metaliteracy- The Metacognitive Dimension

Metacognition is not only about “thinking about thinking” but also being able to reflect on what you are thinking about. It is important to enhance one’s abilities in order to realize how much one has progressed over the years. By expanding your knowledge and distributing it, you are able to help yourself as well as others. By using library databases you can gain access to information that will help to expand your knowledge. It is also a place where you reflect on different articles and see how others compare to it. 

A woman named Char Booth discusses one narrative known as the Crisis narrative. She explains how libraries have been losing popularity and how they are in a crisis, yet libraries have always been in a crisis. One reason for this being that over the years, libraries have been challenged, destroyed, and even burned down to the ground. One example given was that in times of war, burning down a library was a good way to destroy a population’s cultural history.

There are many key points she brings up that I feel have truth behind them and it is important to continue collecting books and distributing their contents. Each book is a container of knowledge that should not be tossed, destroyed or burned. It is important for people to have access to libraries not only for knowledge, but to expand on their own personal narrative. Each person has a story and a lesson that can influence the way we behave every day.  

What is Metaliteracy?

Metaliteracy is a way to use emerging technologies to create and distribute information in an open environment. It gives people the ability to communicate with one another on a global scale. This allows us to expand our knowledge and gain a better understanding of it as well.

The use of various forms of technology allows people to work together which, in turn, promotes critical thinking. Metaliteracy encourages the use and sharing of new and reformatted information. Metacognitive reflection allows the reader to gain a greater understanding of various information to enhance their daily lives.

The Metaliterate Learner demonstrates the four domains (metacognitive, cognitive, behavioral, and affective). This allows the learner to be active in many ways. Not only is the learner an effective communicator but he/she is also a translator of information in many forms. In addition, the metaliterate learner is a researcher as well as a scholar. By asking questions and expressing ideas, readers worldwide will gain a better understanding of the world. The roles one can take have expanded dramatically since the development of technology has increased. In my opinion, students are better off now than they were 50 years ago. The reason for this is that information and knowledge is always growing and technology has made this information easily accessible.

When sharing information, you should give accurate details. In class we discussed how certain websites gave false information. For example, a DMV website was created in order to make a profit off your parking ticket. We also looked at a website about Martin Luther King Jr. They claim he stated a quote at the top of the page that is untrue. When sharing information, it is important to have good sources. Lastly, you should’t believe everything you read on the internet and make sure you are getting information from a reliable source.


Metaliteracy is a way to expand and distribute knowledge through the use of technology. As technology advances, so will our understanding of the world. Scientific inventions reveal new facts and information and it would be difficult to keep up with all of this new data without the use of technology.

As of right now I still have a vague understanding of what lies under the spectrum of what Metaliteracy actually is but I know it plays an important role in every day life activities. I understand that Metaliteracy keeps people engaged and informed about news and events. It also allows people to share their experiences in real life with others all over the world using various digital environments.

Metaliteracy will help me to understand more about what actions I need to take in order to reach my goals. The information available on the web has already given me the answers to various questions asked in school, general interests as well as helping me to prepare for my future. In turn, I hope to one day give back to what has already given me so much.